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If you follow the news in the UK you may know about the chemical fire on a lorry on the M6 north of Coventry, which has buggered up the roads around Coventry and Warwickshire all day. Thankfully I was able to leave work at 4.20 this afternoon, despite problems with our website interfering with my e-newsletter editing, and I got home by 5pm with heavy traffic confined to a section of roads which are usually busy anyway.

The Great Loft Clearout Of 2012 has yielded up some surprises this week - three, in particular. Firstly a facial sauna, which my parents brought to torture me with during the worst of my years of woeful teenage skin issues, and secondly a steam iron, which Dad thinks he got from an end-of-line shop. And thirdly, a filter coffee maker, which was completely sealed, and for which we have absolutely no idea where or how we acquired it. Not wanting to pass up on a free coffee maker, I investigated it tonight and now have a half-drunk cup of filter coffee on the side table as a result. It's only a small model - four cups capacity, ie two full mugs - but it takes no longer than my little one-cup filter thing to make a cup of coffee. Judging by the pre-use washing, it's also easier to clean.

Also, I am claiming one 12.12.12 moment. This is due to the fact that in our house, when we start a new bottle or jar of sauce/salad dressing/relish, we write the date it was opened on the side, so we have some idea of how fresh (or not) it is without having to rely on how it smells. So this is from this evening: