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Scrapbook Scans

As part of the Great Loft Clearout Of 2012, my parents handed me the comedy scrapbooks which I maintained during my teens and early twenties (late 1980s to mid 1990s). In order to preserve what I cannot keep physically, I have scanned all the major articles and many of the smaller items, and I now present these to share with whoever may find them of interest.

1. Most of these items are not dated. This is because I believed at the time that precise dates weren't important; while I can roughly tell now when an undated item was published, it would have been better if I'd included dates for everything. Therefore, web links to Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database will allow for an approximate dating, as almost all items are connected to the release or broadcast of a new TV show, film or book.

2. Likewise, most of the documents are unsourced. Many were - and are - obvious to me due to the styles of layout, fonts, or written style. However, many names of magazines have escaped me, and if I did have all the names many would be somewhat meaningless. This is because in the late 1980s, the rights to broadcast information such as TV listings were deregulated, and a huge number of listings magazines emerged as alternatives to the traditional Radio Times (BBC) and TV Times (ITV & Channel 4). Some survive to this day; others never made it through their first year. Likewise there were countless short-lived magazine supplements to newspapers and magazines aimed at older children & tweens, from which my sister kindly donated some items in the scrapbook.

3. There are two appearances by people whom you may not be comfortable reading about or seeing pictures of. In the early days of Comic Relief, one of its biggest supporters from the music world was Gary Glitter. If you wish to avoid him, then please do not open the file "Smash Hits - Comic Relief Live Show" from the Comic Relief bundle as there is a small photo of him, and a quote. Also, the file "Not Again" from the Richard Curtis bundle includes a brief mention of Chris Langham.

4. The bundles are of varying sizes, which is indicated by file size rather than number of articles, as article size varies widely. All bundles are ZIP files, which contain PDF files created from scans. Most original scanned documents were A4 size, but some are much smaller and now fill a page, but they look OK. Some items will have noticeable holes along the side, as the original scrapbooks were ringbinders.

5. A few points on individual bundles: Blackadder focuses on the 4th series but with snippets from elsewhere; Richard Curtis includes a few Not The Nine O'Clock News items, for which he was one of many writers; and Monty Python includes items relating to the projects of individual members as well as the group - likewise French & Saunders includes double-act projects plus Vicar Of Dibley, AbFab etc.

The Bundles

Absolutely 2Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Alan Davies 5Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Ardal O'Hanlon 16Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Ben Elton 58Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Blackadder 18Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Comic Relief 16Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Eddie Izzard 23Mb IMDb

Frank Skinner 13Mb IMDb Wikipedia

French and Saunders 132Mb IMDb Dawn French IMDb Jennifer Saunders Wikipedia

Fry and Laurie 83Mb IMDb Stephen Fry IMDb Hugh Laurie Wikipedia

Harry Enfield 23Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Have I Got News For You 16Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Jack Dee 2Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Jo Brand 20Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Julian Clary 22Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Monty Python 130Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Paul Merton 14Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Private Eye 29Mb IMDb Ian Hislop IMDb Peter Cook Wikipedia

Rab C Nesbitt 15Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Red Dwarf 33Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Reeves and Mortimer 38MB IMDb Vic Reeves Bob Mortimer Wikipedia

Richard Curtis 13Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Rik Mayall 80Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Robbie Coltrane 41Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Rory Bremner 27Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Rowan Atkinson 55Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Ruby Wax 43Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Spitting Image 12Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Steve Coogan 14Mb IMDb Wikipedia

The Fast Show 2Mb IMDb Wikipedia

The Mary Whitehouse Experience 26Mb IMDb Wikipedia

The Young Ones / The Comic Strip Presents 41Mb IMDb The Young Ones IMDB Comic Strip Wikipedia The Young Ones Wikipedia Comic Strip

Tony Slattery 11Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Victoria Wood 50Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Whose Line Is It Anyway? 25Mb IMDb Wikipedia

Merry Christmas!



Dec. 21st, 2012 09:24 pm (UTC)
Thankyou so much for sharing your treasures,great collection of articles and photos.X